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You’re sure to find the table top that meets your needs in our large collection of products. Our range includes tops of all sizes, shapes, and finishes, as well as indoor and outdoor styles.

Tables always take centre stage in commercial applications and should add the finishing touch to any venue. Table tops are subjected to everyday heavy use. High-quality materials and finishes ensure that the tables still look great after many years of service.

Our restaurant table tops are created using only the highest-quality new and reclaimed woods. Experienced craftsmen go the extra mile to ensure your cafe table tops enhance the look and feel of your venue. Solid wood stands for warmth, comfort, and one of a kind pieces – no two timber tops will ever be the same!

As well as timber we offer tops made from other materials too. Our moulded laminate tops are very popular. They’re cost effective and ideal if large quantities are required to fill a premises. They come in round, square and rectangular shapes from a host of colours.

Outdoor Furniture Online also supplies a range of melamine tops. These too are cost effective, varied in shapes, colours and some are reversible.

When it comes to custom designs we can offer indoor and an outdoor compact laminate solution. Stainless steel is not a hassle, nor is granite and other stone tops.

Our tops are made to last, and while many are for indoor use, there is a large range suitable for outdoor conditions.

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