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  • Old Oregon was sourced for this Recycled Timber Table SL top, complete with nooks and crannies that we were asked to leave as features on top. 

    Very simple industrial look completed with twelve robust aluminium ‘old navy’ side chairs.
  • Reclaimed mixed hardwoods are a highlight of the larger-plank-size top on the Recycled Timber Table SB pictured. To keep costs and the weight down (because it was 5mt x 1.1mt with three sets of legs) we suggested using one of our regular in store timbers Cypress rough sawn 4 x 4’s for the criss-cross legs and the result was spot on.

    This table can be reproduced to suit your size, style, colour or timber choice.
  • For our client this was a sentimental piece of furniture. His Dad had stored a pile of exotic timber in a container on a local farm for many years (like over 60) and some time after he passed away he came in to ask if we could make him a table using some of the timber.

    The timber species is unknown, best we can determine is there’s a couple of different types of exotic pacific hardwoods involved.

    A simple coat of clear oil is all that’s required to maintain the Recycled Timber Table MN at it’s current home by the Currumbin beach front.

    This table can be reproduced to suit your size, style, colour or timber choice.
  • The Recycled Timber Table HB wasn’t designed to seat a large number of people. Three down each side and one each end.

    With crossed legs, benches tuck neatly underneath for storage which is a handy option if space is limited.

    No apron on this table allows for chairs with arms to slide under easily.
  • The Recycled Timber Table B straightforward stainless steel frame contains the recycled timber top precisely. There’s an element of wildness with use of thick recycled timber for the top that exudes warmth and then it’s sleek frame says down to business.

    Recycled Timber Table B will suit any industrial or modern home. It’s compact size makes it suitable for a small room or apartment living.
  • We didn’t fill a run of holes, which were left after rusty bolts were removed, and they feature on top and give the Recycled Timber Table WT more character. Usually Oregon is a light salmon colour, this one we darkened with a walnut tint for something different.

    The Recycled Timber Table WT has a generous overhang to allow one comfortable space each end. The pictures don’t show it fully, but the criss-cross legs have some imerfections – a trait of recycled timber.

    This Recycled Timber Table WT was made to order and can be reproduced to suit your size, style, colour or timber choice.

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  • The timber used for the legs and frame of this Stainless Steel Top Recycled Timber Table is recycled mixed hardwoods. In the past we’ve manufactured the table likewise with a rough sawn Cypress timber frame and legs instead.

    Even though this table was made to order it can be reproduced to suit your size, style, colour or timber choice.

  • The Stainless Steel Top Timber Table has a distinct industrial look with solid timber legs and frame. The stainless steel wrapped completely over the top will take anything that could be served up to it – it’s tough.

    The Stainless Steel Top Timber Table would make an excellent table for commercial use for the display of merchandise.
  • The Recycled Timber Table BP top was chunky looking without the weight. The border on top is 75mm recycled Oregon, but the planks in between are thinner. The Recycled Timber Table BP is a whopping four and a half metres in length and over a metre in width, it’s massive.

    The old age imperfections, scratches and nail holes, were left as features on top of this table, lots of imperfections and character which was evidence it had a previous life before it started its new life at Possum Creek.




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