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  • When we have any blonde tinted furniture in our factory it looks like a ghost! Most of our timber tables are tinted red, walnut, or just coated with clear oil. Under this Recycled Timber Table BT coat of blonde tint was reddy/brown looking mixed hardwoods to begin with.

    Double coat of blonde, then coat of clear to seal and end result a new weathered looking Recycled Timber Table BT made from salvaged timber!!

    There’s no extra work in future maintenance of the washed out look, a tint for Cutek oil elevates that problem!

  • When our niece asked if we could make her a table to suit the dining room of her new home, we had no idea the Recycled Timber Table JB would turn out to be one of the biggest tables we’d ever build.

    Her dining room was extremely long, but narrow, so she was having a lot of trouble finding a particular table to suit. We searched around for the right timber for the top, that ended up being massive lengths of Oregon salvaged from a demo site here on the Gold Coast and the rest followed on.

    This table is so solid – a small party of people could dance on top of it…and probably have!

  • This Recycled Timber Table JM was a heck of a heavy table. The table top has an apron under, massive 5 x 4 legs and a top L: 4mt W:1.2mt. When you’re talking mixed hardwood we estimated the table was in excess of 200kg.

    We never know what timber we’re going to salvage, and quite often it comes complete with wire, nails, bolts and even old hinges still embedded or sticking out of it. To eliminate the danger of our tools hitting a metal object as we assemble, we run a metal detector over the timber. Even though old metal is removed, or smacked back in to the timber in some cases, we try and leave as many of the old age imperfections still present to feature as you can see on top of the Recycled Timber Table JM.

    The Recycled Timber Table JM was specifically made to order and can be reproduced to suit your size, style, colour or timber choice.




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