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Compact Laminate Table Top round

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Born out of innovation, using excellent materials and cutting-edge technology, the Compact Laminate Table Top round offers great value for commercial venues. Its durable construction and sleek 12mm profile makes it a perfect table top for both indoor and shaded outdoor* applications.

Its durable construction and sleek 12mm profile makes it a perfect table top for both indoor and in shaded outdoor applications.


Product Description

Our Compact Laminate Table Top round are made in three sizes with a wide range of colours. These table tops are perfect for hospitality and office. Hotels, cafes, restaurants and other commercial applications.

When durability is key, these table tops are a great choice. As they are built to last. Heat resistant, weatherproof, and hygienic. With a slim line design they are perfect for a wide range of venues and uses.

Offered in colours Black, White, Shesman, Wenge, Rustic Block Wood, Afyon Marble and Copperfield. The Compact Laminate Table Top round is constructed with layers of Kraft paper. Dipped in resin and dried. These layers are then sandwiched between laminated top and bottom sheets. Compressed and baked. A process called polymerisation melds them all together creating a solid-core panel that is an extra tough durable laminate.

These tops have a guaranteed 2 year structural warranty.

Browse our range of indoor bases, tops, tables and timber tables online for both indoor and outdoor applications.


*Do not use a particle board/timber screw or self tapper. The only suitable screw for Compact Laminate is a Metal Thread Screw. If the router pattern does not match the base, tops must be pre-drilled before inserting a Metal Thread Screw.

*It is advisable to select light colours (White & Afyon Marble) for use in direct sunlight conditions. Dark colours (Black, Shesman, Wenge, Rustic Block Wood & Copperfield) used in direct sunlight become hot and will fade over time. The core material can also expand which will then cause the top to bow upwards/downwards at the edges. The manufacturer does not accept this as a warranty claim.

*Please note that pricing is for Retail orders only.

For Commercial pricing – call us on (07) 5521 0550 or email us at info@outdoorfurnitureonline.com.au.

A competitive priced INDENT ORDER is available on this timber top. Our furniture offered by INDENT ORDER are available only in minimum stack orders (MOQ = 50). Using an INDENT ORDER for the production of stock items gives you savings particularly if you plan ahead. Orders generally take between 8 and 10 weeks to arrive.

Compact Laminate Table Top round DESCRIPTION
  • SIZE: 600mm ($113.00), 690mm ($148.00), 770mm ($199.00), and 800mm ($199.00)
  • Edge Profile Thickness: 12mm

Compact Laminate Table Top round FEATURES
  • Suitable for commercial use indoor and shaded outdoor
  • Edge profile thickness 12mm
  • Durafurn brand
  • Jointless, high impact and wear resistant surface
  • Resistant to heat and burns
  • arine ply substrate available on request at an extra cost
  • Core: Compressed Resin Impregnated Fiber
  • Router pattern on under side for easy installation (3mm wide and 9mm deep)
  • Made in Turkey
  • 24 month warranty

Compact Laminate Table Top round PURPOSE
  • Commercial indoor application
  • Clubs – Pubs – Bars
  • Taverns – Hotels
  • Cafés – Food Courts

  • Compact Laminate Table Top square
  • Compact Laminate table Top rectangular


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