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Stainless Steel Top Timber Table


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Quick Overview

The Stainless Steel Top Timber Table has a distinct industrial look with solid timber legs and frame. The stainless steel wrapped completely over the top will take anything that could be served up to it – it’s tough.

The Stainless Steel Top Timber Table would make an excellent table for commercial use for the display of merchandise.
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Product Description

The Stainless Steel Top Timber Table has a distinct industrial look, in particular with solid timber legs and frame. At the same time its stainless steel on top will take anything that could be served up to it. It’s accordingly tough!

The table would make an ideal table for commercial use to display merchandise and is nothing like you’d find in regular furniture stores.

The timber used for the legs and frame is Cypress, to cut down on overall weight of the table. We’ve manufactured Stainless Steel Top Timber Table with recycled timber legs as well.

We never know what timber we’re going to salvage, and quite often it comes complete with wire, nails, bolts and even old hinges still embedded or sticking out of it. To eliminate the danger of our tools hitting a metal object as we assemble, we run a metal detector over the timber. Even though old metal is removed, or smacked back in to the timber in some cases, we try and leave as many of the old age imperfections still present to feature as you can see on the table.

We get it, everyone is different. Because of this all our recycled tables are made-to-order. We encourage our clients to be a part of the design process. Meaning that each recycled piece can be custom designed to suit your preference of material, finish and dimension.

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Stainless Steel Top Timber Table DIMENSIONS
  • L: 2000mm
  • W: 1000mm
  • H: 760mm
  • Weight:
  • Top: Stainless steel
  • Base: Rough sawn Cypress timber

Why settle for an outdoor timber setting made to suit the majority and not you and your area specifically?

Call us (07) 5521 0550 or email to info@outdoorfurnitureonline.com.au and let’s discuss your ideas.

Stainless Steel Top Timber Table FEATURES
Stainless steel top
Rough sawn Cypress 4 x 4 legs
Cross member for stability
Australian Made    Australian Owned
Suitable for indoor/outdoor protected under cover

This recycled timber table is part of our The Solid Timber Man recycled range. Designed and crafted by hand at our workshop in Queensland.

Cutek® CD50
Each piece of timber furniture from The Solid Timber Man range has been pre-coated twice with Cutek oil. Cutek is an oil based wood protection system that penetrates deeply into the timber where it works to control moisture from inside out. Likewise Cutek products do not peel off or crack. They do however impart exceptional long term stability to timber. And they also enhance the natural beauty of wood without obscuring its natural characteristics and features. Check out the Cutek difference video.

Product coated with high quality timber protective oil Cutek® CD50 ready for outdoors.
Cutek® CD50 won’t form a film instead diffuses through timber controlling moisture from the inside;
significantly slows down the rate of moisture exchange between wood and the environment;
stabilises timber by controlling moisture for many years, minimising movement;
is not a film so does not need to be removed before recoating, greatly simplifying maintenance.

Stainless Steel Top Timber Table BENCH GUIDE
  • 2 x 2000mm – seats 8
  • 2 x 2000mm + 2 x 1000mm – seats 12

Stainless Steel Top Timber Table CHAIR GUIDE
8-10 chairs

Configurations are based on 600mm width chairs along sides and two on each end. A comfortable fit is the lower number.

The Solid Timber Man range offers well-designed, robust and long lasting Australian made furniture for a reasonable price.





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