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Trill Outdoor Stool


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Quick Overview

Trill Outdoor Stool beckons you to sit, relax and unwind after a hard days work. A sturdy commercial stool designed for maximum comfort and durability.

A Trill Outdoor Stool is especially suited for a pool area, don’t hesitate to take a dip as the stool is designed to take the brunt of getting wet, it’ll drain quickly and prevent pooling on the seat.


Product Description

This Trill Outdoor Stool is an outdoor stackable monobloc stool made from fiber-glass filled resin (uniformly fiber-glass polypropylene resins with UV additives). A Trill Outdoor Stool is water resistant and resistant to sunlight as the matt monobloc colours won’t fade over time making the stool ideal for outdoor use. Sturdy but light in weight – easy to move and stack to store away when not in use.

Available with a twenty four month warranty, ideal for contract and high commercial usage. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use!

A competitive priced INDENT ORDER is available on this Trill Outdoor Stool.

Our furniture offered by INDENT ORDER are available only in minimum stack orders (Trill Outdoor Stool = 10 MOQ).

Using an INDENT ORDER for the production of stock items gives you savings particularly if you plan ahead – orders generally take 8-10 weeks to arrive.

W: 500mm
H: 965mm
D: 530mm
Seat Height: 760mm
Weight: 5.1kg
Seat & frame: Resin (fiber-glass polypropylene)
Colour: White

Recyclable resin – a 100 % recyclable Trill Outdoor Stool can be crushed and completely recycled without producing waste or damage to the environment.
Available in two colours – matt finish
Factory tested to 100kg
Solid back – solid seat
Made in Italy

Commercial indoor & outdoor application
Clubs – Pubs – Bars – Taverns – Hotels
Apartments  – Resorts
Cafes – Restaurants – Wineries

Non slip rubber feet
Stackable 4 high free standing
24 month warranty
Colour options: Anthracite – White

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