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About Us

Welcome to Outdoor Furniture Online

Thanks for your visit to Outdoor Furniture Online – we’re pleased you are here! Choose from our designer outdoor furniture pieces or packages to place in your backyard or by the beach.

Outdoor Furniture Online has a wide range of gorgeous outdoor furniture and commercial timber furniture settings which are both durable and elegant. There’s something for everyone at our outdoor furniture store and showroom. Families on a budget will be pleased to find cheap outdoor furniture, and those who favour quality above all will have the luxury of choosing a complete patio furniture package that suits their taste from one of the largest collections in the country.

Outdoor Furniture Sets & Packages

An outdoor lounge furniture package will greatly simplify your Outdoor Furniture Online purchase and save you heaps on individual deliveries or multiple trips to our Australian location.

Huge Range, Low Prices & Great Service

Our friendly and knowledgeable outdoor furniture specialists have selected the very best outdoor lounge furniture for our furniture showroom and store which is located in Queensland, Australia. Selecting only the finest outdoor lounge furniture, our specialists have assembled our collection based on a number of factors which are important to our customers.

With durability, design, and cost in mind, Outdoor Furniture Online ensures that every single one of our customers will find low prices on our massively wide range of exquisite (and cheap) outdoor furniture.

Outdoor Furniture Australia

Find cheap outdoor furniture in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and Brisbane with Outdoor Furniture Online.

Every city has its own culture and rhythm, and Outdoor Furniture Online has just the right selection to address every décor taste and preference.

  • Outdoor furniture in Melbourne that is classy enough for all occasions, and is generally easy to clean, maintain, and will last a long time.
  • Outdoor furniture in Sydney that will make you want to skip the loud, bustling summer festivals in the city to stay at home with friends and family and enjoy a BBQ in the backyard.
  • Outdoor furniture in Adelaide for a city that loves a good party, so choose from our wide-ranging collection of lounge pieces that are durable enough to take such a beating!
  • Outdoor furniture in Brisbane creates an environment tranquil and comfortable enough to leave the metropolis behind and have a weekend getaway right in your own backyard.
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Primo Gourmet BBQ Grills Mahi Mahi


Fresh Mahi Mahi fillets 250g per person
1/2 cup Italian Salad Dressing


Set up grill for direct cooking (no heat deflector plates) and heat to 175 degrees Celsius.


Set the Mahi Mahi fillets in a plastic storage container and pout Italian Salad Dressing over top. Refrigerate for 30 minutes to 1 hour giving the container a little shake once or twice.

Think You’re Caring For Your Furniture? Take This Quiz

Think You’re Caring For Your Furniture? Take This Quiz

If you’re finding your outdoor furniture isn’t looking at its best, take this quick quiz to make sure you’re doing what you can to keep your furniture in top notch condition.

  1. Have you read any care guidelines for your furniture pieces?
  2. Do you keep your outdoor furniture undercover or away from direct sunlight or exposure to elements when not in use?
  3. Do you oil your timber outdoor settings regularly?