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What types of wood do you use?
Teak, sonokeling, white mahogany, kwila (also known as merbau), cypress and ironbark. Our variety of timber has been chosen for its unique colour, beauty, durability and value.

Does the timber used in the products come from renewable sources?
Yes. All of our products are manufactured from timber grown from sustainable – yield sources.

Is the wood durable enough for outdoor use?
Yes, teak, sonokeling, kwila, cypress and ironbark are all rated high against rot, insect damage and most weather elements.

If I choose to oil it – what should I use?
We use and recommend Cutek CD50 oil.

Cutek CD50 is a specially formulated oil timber preservative for interior & exterior use, that is designed to penetrate deeply into any species of timber, including hardwoods, to provide water repellency and assist with dimensional stability.

Cutek CD50 oil does not peel off or crack, but it helps to control warping, cupping and splitting, effectively enhancing the service life of timber. This characteristic ensures that future recoat preparation consists of a simple wash-down of the timber, rather than conventional sanding or stripping, resulting in significant savings in ongoing maintenance costs and time.


How do I care for the timber?
Simply wipe a generous amount of oil onto the timber with a clean soft lint free cloth. Leave to penetrate the timber for up to 24 hours and take off any excess with a clean cloth.

Is assembly difficult?
No, all furniture is partially assembled. Simple assembly may include attaching legs, arms, seat, back etc. Instructions are available and shipped with furniture. All hardware is included and holes are predrilled for easy assembly.

Do you deliver?
Yes. The price for delivery depends on quantity and delivery postcode.

Do you have a showroom?
Yes. Our showroom is at Unit 4 9-11 Villiers Drive Currumbin Queensland.

What are the showroom hours?
Monday – Friday 7am until 4pm – after hours including weekends by appointment.




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