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4 Seat Backless Cypress Outdoor Timber Bench


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Does your recreation area need a bench? Ideal for use in a number of locations such as entrance ways, tennis court, or recreation club change room.

Our 4 Seat Backless Cypress Outdoor Timber Bench provides a perfect accent for narrow indoor or outdoor settings. Its long seat is constructed from Cypress with a natural finished appearance that can hold up to high volume use.
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Product Description

Don’t overlook our 4 Seat Backless Cypress Outdoor Timber Bench when you’re selecting seating for your yard, patio or deck. A simple wooden backless bench is a classic.

Push one up against a wall or fence if you like to lean back or set one up near a water feature for a charming waterside seat. You can also use the bench at a table in place of chairs. For crowds, long backless benches do the trick.

This bench is for anywhere that might need a bench that can hold up to heavy use, humidity, or inclement weather.

Benches seat more people and ours are designed to combine with The Solid Timber Man tables in size and style. Meanwhile you can stack most of our benches away or just push them under the table when it’s time to show off your latest dance moves.

Every bench is unique due to varying grain pattern and natural colour shifts that are part of the charm of wood. The classic style and traditional time tested construction make this bench an excellent choice for years and years of use.

Browse through our range of timber and contemporary tables online or view our collections of both indoor or outdoor table bases and table tops.

4 Seat Backless Cypress Outdoor Timber Bench DIMENSIONS
Length: 2000mm
Height: 420mm
Depth: 330mm
Seat height: 420mm
Top: Cypress     Frame: Cypress

Why settle for an outdoor timber bench made to suit the majority and not you and your area specifically?

Call us (07) 5521 0550 or email to info@outdoorfurnitureonline.com.au and let’s discuss your ideas.

4 Seat Backless Cypress Outdoor Timber Bench FEATURES
Termite resistant Cypress timber top and frame
Durability Class 1 making it resistant to decay
Australian timber grown in sustainably managed natural forests
Cypress we purchase and use is certified timber
Harvested from Cypress forests that comply with Australian Forestry Standards(AS4708)
Unique markings, distinct grain and lively colour combinations
Australian Grown    Australian Made    Australian Owned
Suitable for outdoor and indoor


This bench is part of our The Solid Timber Man range manufactured on site in our factory in Queensland. All The Solid Timber Man furniture pieces can be purchased separately or Mix & Match to suit your needs. Predominately we use Australian grown Cypress timber along with other Australian timbers fastened together with heavy duty bolts. Unlike cheap imports which use flimsy screws that can’t be tightened and wear holes over time.

Cutek® CD50

Each piece of timber outdoor furniture from The Solid Timber Man range has been pre-coated twice with Cutek oil. Cutek is an oil based wood protection system that penetrates deeply into the timber where it works to control moisture from inside out. Cutek products do not peel off or crack. They impart exceptional long term stability to the timber. They also enhance the natural beauty of wood without obscuring its natural characteristics and features.

Product coated with high quality timber protective oil Cutek® CD50 ready for outdoors. Cutek® CD50 won’t form a film instead diffuses through timber controlling moisture from the inside; significantly slows down the rate of moisture exchange between wood and the environment; stabilises timber by controlling moisture for many years, minimising movement; is not a film so does not need to be removed before recoating, greatly simplifying maintenance.

The Solid Timber Man range offers well-designed, robust and long lasting Australian made outdoor furniture for a reasonable price.





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