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Recycled Timber Table MN

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For our client this was a sentimental piece of furniture. His Dad had stored a pile of exotic timber in a container on a local farm for many years (like over 60) and some time after he passed away he came in to ask if we could make him a table using some of the timber.

The timber species is unknown, best we can determine is there’s a couple of different types of exotic pacific hardwoods involved.

A simple coat of clear oil is all that’s required to maintain the Recycled Timber Table MN at it’s current home by the Currumbin beach front.

This table can be reproduced to suit your size, style, colour or timber choice.
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Product Description

The Recycled Timber Table MN being described as heavy is an understatement. Various old 70mm+ thick pacific hardwoods were used for the handmade table and the end result was striking.

For a bulkier look on the legs we laminated a couple of pieces of the wood together and unless you look closely you can’t tell it isn’t one piece.

The Recycled Timber Table MN wasn’t designed to seat a large number of people, two down each side and a generous overhang to allow one comfortable space each end.

We never know what timber we’re going to salvage, and quite often it comes complete with wire, nails, bolts and even old hinges still embedded or sticking out of it. To eliminate the danger of our tools hitting a metal object as we assemble, we run a metal detector over the timber. Even though old metal is removed, or smacked back in to the timber in some cases, we try and leave as many of the old age imperfections still present to feature.

This Recycled Timber Table MN was made to order and can be reproduced to suit your size, style, colour or timber choice.

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Recycled Timber Table MN DIMENSIONS
L: 2000mm
W: 1000mm
H: 760mm
Top: Various old exotic pacific hardwoods
Base: Various old exotic pacific hardwoods

Why settle for a table made to suit the majority and not you and your indoor/outdoor area specifically?
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Recycled Timber Table MN FEATURES
Varied old exotic pacific hardwoods
Legs laminated for bulky look
Australian Made    Australian Owned
Suitable for indoor/outdoor protected under cover

This Recycled Timber Table MN is part of our The Solid Timber Man recycled range manufactured from scratch on site at our factory in Queensland.

Each piece of timber furniture from The Solid Timber Man recycled range has been pre-coated twice with Cutek oil. Cutek is a high grade petroleum based oil designed to penetrate deeply into any species of timber, including hardwoods, to provide water repellency and assist with dimensional stability.

Product coated with high quality timber protective oil Cutek® CD50 ready for outdoors.
* Cutek® CD50 won’t form a film instead diffuses through timber controlling moisture from the inside;
* significantly slows down the rate of moisture exchange between wood and the environment;
* stabilises timber by controlling moisture for many years, minimising movement;
* is not a film so does not need to be removed before recoating, greatly simplifying maintenance.

Recycled Timber Table MN BENCH GUIDE
2 x 2000mm – seats 8
2 x 2000mm + 2 x 1000mm – seats 10-12

Recycled Timber Table MN CHAIR GUIDE
8 chairs

Configurations are based on 600mm width chairs along sides and one on each end.

The Solid Timber Man range offers well-designed, robust and long lasting Australian made furniture for a reasonable price.





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