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Recycled Timber Table HB

Without a doubt we enjoy working with clients to custom make furniture using recycled materials.

A dining table, be it for indoor or outdoor dining, is a symbol of togetherness, home cooked meals, lots of chatter, and dining tables are a must-have for every home.

With so many styles in the market, you’re bound to find the piece that reflects your own unique character. Take this Recycled Timber Table HB, for instance: Its long table top and chunky legs, set at the far end, lend a nod to modern farmhouse design, while a solid 50mm mixed recycled hardwood construction brings warm rustic styling home. Measuring L: 2100mm W: 950mm, it seats six guests comfortably.

Where the timber comes from is important to us. We never know what timber we’re going to salvage, and quite often it comes complete with wire poking out, rusted nails or bolts and even old hinges still embedded in it. To eliminate the danger of our tools hitting a metal object as we assemble, we run a metal detector over the timber. Even though old metal is removed, or smacked back in to the timber in some cases, we try and leave as many of the old age imperfections still present to feature.

Reusing timber, or reclaiming it, assists to conserve our forests with a reduction in the amount of timber required.

This table is at our Currumbin showroom and if you’re interested in designing a custom one of a kind table of your own, feel free to contact us.




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