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Cutek QuickClean

Cutek QuickClean

Why would I choose Cutek QuickClean for my project?

Cutek QuickClean is a powerful and cost effective general cleaner, suitable for removing grime from any timber or bamboo surface before regular maintenance coats of Cutek CD50 or Cutek Extreme. If the surface has become grey and weathered, Cutek Proclean may be necessary to remove the grey and brighten the surface. Test a patch with QuickClean first, following the HOW TO USE Cutek QuickClean instructions.

Surfaces that have been previously coated with Cutek oils that have faded, or started to “grey off” in the sun are easily and quickly restored to their original appearance without the need for any sanding and stripping by treatment with Cutek QuickClean or Cutek Proclean, and the application of one or two further coats of a Cutek wood protection oil.


If the timber is only dirty and faded, Cutek Quickclean may be all that you need to prepare the surface for another coat of a Cutek oil. Cutek QuickClean is designed as a cost effective, biodegradable cleaner for the restoration of uncoated, dirty and weathered timber. Cutek QuickClean is less powerful than Cutek Proclean, however it is less hazardous, and will not damage substrates or vegetation adjacent to the timber surface being restored, eliminating the need for containment or masking.

If your timber is quite weathered and stained, better results will be obtained by using Cutek Proclean.

Unlike bleach, Cutek QuickClean is not considered a strong defoliant, however, the use of absorbent drop cloths to protect delicate and/or adjacent vegetation is recommended.

Because of the wide variation in discoloration and timber species that are encountered, a test area should always be cleaned prior to commencement of the project to determine how much time the restoration procedure will require, and how much Cutek QuickClean will be required. This enables an accurate application procedure to be determined and cost estimated. It is important for the user to determine the suitability of the product for its intended application.

Cutek QuickClean must be diluted 8:1 with water. Always test to determine if the dilution being used is effective in cleaning. If the timber is proving difficult to clean, it might be more cost effective to use Cutek Proclean instead of Cutek QuickClean on a large project.



After testing a patch of timber, apply Cutek QuickClean liberally to the timber substrate with a brush, roller, or garden sprayer. Let Cutek QuickClean do most of the work by letting it dwell on the surface for 10-20 minutes, or such time as deemed to be necessary by the test procedure. It may be necessary to scrub stubborn stains moderately with a scourer.


Once Cutek QuickClean has cleaned the timber, it must be power water rinsed (hot water works best) off. For best results wash off with high-pressure water at approximately 750 p.s.i. pressure. Clean from the highest point and work downwards methodically. ALWAYS clean off with a water jet that produces a “putty knife” shaped fan that is 40-50mm wide about 100mm out from the jet. Adopt a continuous “mowing action” working with power water fan-jet 100mm from the face of the substrate. DO NOT use “turbojets” on timber. CAUTION must be used when cleaning soft timber to reduce the pressure and avoid damaging the sapwood. The longer that Cutek QuickClean is left on the substrate, the greater the rinse time required.

Additionally, certain types of wood surfaces may leave a raised grain effect after stripping is completed. Sanding or poly pad scrubbing may be required to smooth out this condition.

Clean up and Precautions

DO NOT sit on surfaces coated with Cutek QuickClean. Water flush all equipment, vegetation, paths, concrete, asphalt, and other adjacent surfaces immediately upon contact. Leave job site free from any trace amounts of Cutek QuickClean. Always remember that Cutek QuickCean is a hazardous chemical, and refer to health and safety considerations in the MDS sheet prior to commencing any project. Fully protect adjacent surfaces including vegetation and be aware of the potential for wind drift areas with cars or pedestrian traffic when rinsing or applying. Never leave behind any containers or equipment, and appropriately label any containers of residue for disposal.

Recoating with a Cutek oil

Following the restoration of the timber with Cutek QuickClean, it is important to complete the restoration process by coating the timber with an appropriate Cutek oil. Failure to treat the timber after restoration will result in the weathering process occurring more rapidly than it took prior to restoration.

View the Cutek website here https://www.cutek.com.au/product/quickclean/




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